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Just like any love story, Microsoft Edge and Adobe Flash Player started off with a great relationship. The latter was integrated into the default Windows 10 browser, which meant that users no longer needed to download and install Flash on their own. Unfortunately, it seems that this sweet relationship is coming close to an end. Over the past few months, Microsoft has made it clear that it’s distancing itself from Flash Player and ensuring that Edge can stand independently on its own.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, for example, was designed to intelligently identify Flash-based content that was not important to the page and automatically pause it. If users wanted to play the content, they needed to explicitly click on it to make it work. This way, developers could ensure that their websites would maintain their integrity across the web, while users could enjoy better battery life and lower demands on their CPU and memory.

Microsoft hasn’t stopped at this, though, since it’s making even more changes Flash-wise. On December, the Redwood-based company announced that the next version of Microsoft Edge will become even more independent of Adobe Flash Player. If a website supports HTML5, Edge would automatically block any Flash-based content on the page to increase battery life and improve security. If the website is still dependent on Flash, the browser will ask users if they want to load and view the content or not; Edge will then remember their preferences for when they visit the site again later on.

And it’s obvious that Microsoft isn’t just all talk since it seems to have already implemented these changes. When Windows 10 build 14997 was leaked and made available to download, one of the things that people noticed was its lack of support for Adobe Flash Player. No one is really surprised by this, though, since Microsoft is only the latest company that has denounced Flash. Other tech giants like Apple and Google have already distanced themselves from Adobe’s problematic product months and even years ago.

If you want to keep using Flash in Microsoft Edge, you’ll happy to know that you can manually enable the program in the browser. You can check this guide to find out how.