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Apparently GeForce Now becomes a completely different thing when they turn it into GeForce Now for PC. Though this is not such a huge surprise, given the Titan X change when they used the same name for an entirely new graphics card, it seems that Nvidia is taking Apple’s example and it keeps one designation for the flagship products they have. However, with GeForce it is extremely confusing, since now we have two different services carrying the same name.

At the CES 2017 event, the company introduced GeForce Now for PC and Mac, which lets you stream whatever PC games you have from the cloud to any other PC or Mac. So we have two GeForce Now, two different services with completely distinct features, prices and capabilities. But let’s see some of the differences between them and try to make things clearer.

GeForce Now for Shield TV

This is the original version and it can only be accessed through the Nvidia console. It allows you to focus on PC games that can be played with a controller. As such, you can find games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Witcher 3, Mad Max and others. It is a subscription service where you get the first month free, but then you have to pay $7.99 a month, for which you gain access to more than 60 games.

GeForce Now for PCs and Macs

It has nothing to do with the other serviced and it cannot even be accessed from the Nvidia Shield. It is not a subscription service, but you have to rent a virtualized gaming PC from the Nvidia servers. You can play any game you have on the virtual PC, even from Blizzard, Steam, Origin and others. However, it doesn’t offer you unlimited access to games, but you have to own them yourself.