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It seems that Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, has released a new Draft Challenge event for “Clash Royale”.

In concordance with TouchArcade, the new challenge is similar to an older challenge that was available in the past. In other words, once you will see the Draft Challenge, you will find it very familiar. The previous challenge that was available before was called “Crown Duel Challenge”. However, since the players are only drafting cards, the new title fits the event a bit better.

According to iDigitalTimes, the Draft Challenge is actually a limited-time challenge, which will last only four days. In addition, it will have two options in game: Classic Draft or Grand Draft Challenge. You can also try out the Draft Challenge for free by playing in the clan using the “Friendly Battle” section.

Keep in mind that the “Friendly Battle” will be available From January 19 until January 23, 2017, where you and your clan mates will be able to play with each other. However, from January 20 to 23, the Classic Draft Challenge and Grand Draft Challenge will take place.

In order to participate in the Classic Draft Challenge, you will need to pay 10 gems, but you will also have a chance to win 2000 gold coins and 100 cars. If you want to enter the Grand Draft Challenge, you will need to pay 100 gems, but in here you will have the chance to win 22000 gold coins and 1100 cars.

The players will need to pay each time they join a Draft Challenge. We remind you that this is not like most other challenges that Supercell has introduced into the game, where it allowed players to play the first tournament without paying.

Are you playing Clash Royale? Tell us your thoughts about this new challenge that Supercell has been released for the game!