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Fans already know the setting for the upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC, but we still don’t have all the information about the They Shall Not Pass content. Now, however, the DICE developers confirmed that we will get the chance to find out more details next week. Moreover, they uploaded a teaser trailer on Twitter.

As EA has previously confirmed, the They Shall Not Pass DLC is in fact the first expansion released for the Battlefield 1 game. The release date has been already set for March this year and as it seems, it will bring some completely new maps, a new French Army faction which you can play and some new weapons. Next week we are supposed to find out more details about this, so people are excited about the perspective.

Most likely the expansion will come up with three new maps. They will focus on the French battles that were carried during WWI. DICE explained that the initial fighting that took place around Verdun expanded and changed the villages around like Samogneux, together with the forests nearby into “shadows of their former self”.

They explained the context for whoever doesn’t know, that Verdun became the longest battle in the war by lasting 9 months. In this period of time, the area transformed completely. The producers further showed how they wanted the players to experience the initial strong attacks that took place in a very cold weather in February 1916. They added that the stories of the garrison that existed in Fort Vaux really inspired them because it was a tough battle fought for inches of perimeter in the dark on some underground corridors.

All in all, it sounds like a very interesting DLC and fans all over the world are excited about it and are anxiously waiting for more details on the content.