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It seems the “Battlefield 1” game is about to get a new DLC soon, as EA keeps teasing the fans. Ali Hassoon, the game’s producer, has talked a bit about the scheduled February updates on his personal Twitter. At the same time, the official “Battlefield 1” Twitter profile has confirmed that players might get more details regarding the “The Shall Not Pass” DLC sometime during the next week.

The mentioned tweet from the official “Battlefield 1” Twitter account simply says “First details coming next week” and it is accompanied by a short teaser that shows a French flag and a soldier. You can watch the mentioned video below:

In the meantime, Ali Hassoon has triggered a whole new speculation by replying to a question on his twitter account. A fan asked if the progression system will be updated in the next patch and Hassoon replied with a simple “maybe”, which has made even more fans ask questions or to come up with new theories.

In concordance with WCCFTech, Hassoon has also talked about custom games on his Twitter account, where he announced that “Back to Basics” will remain as a permanent Custom Game. However, the developers might still modify it a bit in the near future, but by the looks of it, it seems that they are quite happy with the current Custom Game feature.

However, more details about the “Battlefield 1” February update and “The Shall Not Pass” DLC will be revealed next week. While not much information has been revealed about both of them, the hype is surely very high. The upcoming “They Shall Not Pass” DLC will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

On what platform are you playing Battlefield 1? Have you found any bugs while playing this game?