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Sims continues to be one of the most loved games ever. However, despite the huge success the franchise has had, they haven’t changed the gameplay too much over time. Fans have been loving the game perhaps for this same reason, that the main idea remained the same and respected the original gameplay. Even so, after four installments of the series, many fans claimed they feel the need for something new.

This pressure coming from the fans made EA bring up something new for the next game, Sims 5. And following the current trends, they chose to bring virtual reality to the franchise. It is well known that virtual reality and 360-degrees technology have taken the entire gaming community by surprise. Naturally, EA doesn’t want to lag behind, so most likely they will catch up with the trend.

Even though there is no official announcement regarding the release of the next game, The Sims 5, rumor has it that we will be getting it in 2019. The latest release, The Sims 4, has been criticized by the fans for the fact that it had poor performance and it didn’t come up with many new details and features. As a response, the company tried to make it up to the fans by offering new content for the game through lots of DLCs.

The most recent DLC released by the EA is called the Holiday Celebration Pack. This was specifically designed for the holiday season. As a player, you could stand by a fireplace, you received a centerpiece to be used for the dinner table and nutcrackers.

According to reports, you can get the new DLC if you right click on the name of the game and choose to update it. If you go to the Sims Community Info page, you can find out more about the instructions and features of the new patch.