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Mirai is one of the worst cyberattacks on the internet in 2016 and Minecraft is linked to it. Security researcher Brian Krebs is one of the victims of the botnet, which knocked off his website and he started making investigations. In the end, he discovered that Minecraft servers were attacked by an early version of the botnet.

Brian Krebs posted on is blog on January 17 that he uncovered the real-life of the creator of Mirai, who uses the pseudonymous Anna-Senpai. Back in October, this botnet affected many websites, including reddit, Twitter and Netwflix, knocking them offline, and one month later, there were several attacks on Russian banks.

How does Mirai work?

The malware scans the internet and if it finds devices with an open communication channel that’s known as a port, it uses it to deliver the infection. There are many unsecure items such as webcams or which are part of the Internet of Things and they are at risk of being compromised.

In total, there are 185 million devices that could allow hackers to control them through Mirai. After getting infected, these devices will be used by the botnet to perform a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against targets such as specific websites, servers and other infrastructure, which will be overloaded with web traffic from the devices that have been infected.

According to the research firm Gartner, by 2020 there will be over 20 billion IoT devices, but other analysts believe that the number will be close to 30 billion. And if their security won’t be improved by their manufacturers, they will be subjects to more cyberattacks. “The problem here is that many IoT devices are horribly broken security wise,” Chris Boyd, an analyst at the security firm Malwarebytes, told Newsweek in 2016. He added that he is aware that “It costs money to ensure a reasonable standard of protection on a product.”