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Apple will reportedly release three iPad tablets in 2017, but it’s not sure if they will be announced in two months or in the second half quarter. Either way, according to rumors, one of the iPad variants will have an A9 processor and a 9.7-inch screen. This is the iPad Air 3 and below we’ll tell you everything we know about it.

The 9.7-inch iPad will most likely use the same processor that Apple has put inside the original iPad Pro, although previous reports suggested that the company will kill the Air series. But it seems that Apple is stubborn and plans to sell the iPad Air 3 for $600, and we’re talking about the 16GB variant, but there will be also another option with 32GB of storage.

Rumored Specs and Features

Back in October 2016, it was said that the iPad Air 3 will arrive in March 2017 and that this is the last tablet from the Air brand. Also, it was speculated that the tablet will have a thinner body, measuring only 5mm, and that it will be powered by an Apple A9X processor. It was mentioned that Apple will increase the screen resolution and will upgrade both cameras to 12MP and 5MP, respectively, while the body will be water resistant.

Also, it is expected that the iPad Air 3 will ship with an Apple Pencil in order to compete with Microsoft’s Surface line of 2-in-1 tablets. If the screen will support a 4K resolution, which is very unlikely in our opinion, users will interact with it using the 3D Touch technology.

We don’t have any information about the battery size, but if the iPad Air 3 will thinned out, it means that the battery will be smaller than 7340mAh. And there are low chances to see features such as the Smart Connector and extra speakers, which are exclusive to the iPad Pro family.