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If in general the updates for Google Allo seem to bring features that nobody asks or needs, but now it appears that the latest update is really useful. The new version, Google Allo 5.0, can be found now on Google Play Store and it comes with some interesting additions.

It comes together with the Custom Chrome Tabs feature, which allows you to view web pages without even leaving the app. According to Android Police, upon a closer analysis of the app, you can see that there are personalized selfie sticker packs in the new version as well.

Also, you now have a toggle in the Settings screen that lets you choose between Custom Tabs or simply go with your favorite browser. The personalized selfie sticker packs may be interesting for some, but boring for others. Regardless of your personal preference, this feature can still be found in the 5.0 update. In the APK you will see that the team mentions that this lets you take selfies, and the Allo app will make sticker packs based on the image you took.

It is better to maintain a neutral expression, since the app will produce a random sticker based on it. The process of generating sticker packs with your image takes place on the Google servers, not on your device. However, it is unclear whether you can do the same when a user is offline. All in all, this addition resembles the options offered by Snapchat or WhatsApp.

Google is ready to ask their users for feedback after they take advantage of the new feature. It’s a good idea to help them with feedback, since they can thus improve the quality of the algorithm. And even if you’re not satisfied with the result, you should still send them some feedback for them to know what to fix.