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Google Chrome has rapidly become the most important browser out there with important traits such as being comfortable to use as well as offering a high versatility to its users. A great amount of people are spending a lot of time connected to the internet and Google is surely taking advantage of this fact.

Not only is their browser the most frequently used one but they are constantly looking for any room for improvement by adding extensions to it. Four extensions have gotten our undivided attention and we’ve put together a short description of every one of them in order to make sure that you’ll have a great browsing experience when using Chrome.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a neat extension which prevents any cyber attacker to steal any information which is being delivered from your PC to the web server. The extension will immediately authenticate a webpage for you and can be regarded as one of the must-haves pieces of kit which helps prevent widespread phenomena such as censorship and identification theft.


When it comes to filling forms, the online medium is the most desired as of lately. Factors which have nothing to do with you such as a power outage or a loss in internet connection can cause some outrage when having something written will not save. Lazarus does just that and will save everything that one is taping, easily restoring it with a click.

The Great Suspender

Google Chrome is known for having some of the heaviest memory consumption out of all browsers and this extension helps a lot in the process of auto-suspending some tabs after a period of time. It will greatly improve your device’s functionality as well as reduce the browser’s memory footprint.


Articles which resemble a wall of text are a pain to deal with. This is where TL;DR shines as it will summarize any highlighted text. It even has the option of adjusting the summarized content in respect to how much time do you have reading it as well as your degree of involvement.