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Graphics technology has rapidly improved over the last couple of years as video games on various platforms. Screen expression has been exponentially increased and now Microsoft has stepped up its game by releasing their own debugging and developing tool for their DirectX 12, named PIX.

Microsoft’s PIX is still in beta state but it is of great use for developers which now have an easier way of developing, analyzing and making DirectX 12 have a better overall performance. This software helps of development of games on Xbox and Windows devices.

PIX is regarded among developers as a tool which helps with debugging and performance tuning five main areas of operation with the common goal of creating better game graphics. These modes of operation include GPU captures which analyzes and gets rid of bugs when it comes to Direct3D 21 graphic rendering,

Another interesting feature of PIX is that the beta software is timing captures with the goal of keeping track of performance as well as threading of both GPU and CPU when they are put to heavy strain during long sessions of gaming. This is closely related to the function summary captures which stores information regarding the amount of time in which each function runs and the number of times it is employed by the system.

The functions’ execution is also being traced with callgraph captures. These functions also include the likes of memory allocation capture which keeps a strong track of the game’s way of allocating the memory implied.

Microsoft even recommends a series of system requirements in order to run PIX properly and is encouraging everyone to do so as it will lead to a better understanding on how gaming technology can be improved. A future PIX developer will need to have Windows 10 with the latest updates installed; 32GB of RAM as well as a Direct3D 12 GPU which is updated to the latest version of the drivers, otherwise PIX will not work.

Bear in mind that PIX is still in its beta version and Microsoft is looking to improve this amazing feature as it will surely lead to some amazing technological advances in terms of graphics power as well as gaming as a whole.