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Starting on the 19th of January, the popular game Clash Royale is bringing a new challenge to the game. Even though it has a new name, the Draft Challenge, it is in fact a revamped older challenge, which might be familiar to you under the name of Crown Duel Challenge. However, the new name seems more appropriate, since in fact what you do is to draft cards.

What you have to do is in fact to pick one of two random cards until you get to have 4 cards. The fun part though is the fact that the cards you don’t choose will go to the opponent’s deck. However, he has the chance to do the same thing, so in the end you will have 4 cards you chose and 4 cards your opponent chose for you. At the same time, the best thing is that you get to know what cards the opponent has, and this is clearly an advantage if you want to defeat him/her.

In the period between January 19 and January 23 you can challenge your friends and clanmates to a Friendly Battle. At the same time, between January 20 and 23 you can enjoy the Classic Draft Challenge for 10 gems. Alternatively, you can also play the Grand Draft Challenge for 100 gems, if you are up for some more playing. Fans have reported that for them, the funniest part of the challenge is the fact that you have the chance to give your opponent some really bad cards. However, you also receive the bad cards he is discarding, so it’s not that fun anymore when you end up with a set of useless cards.

All in all, it seems that it’s a good idea to have some fun with this new (old) challenge, and many fans are delighted!

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