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WhatsApp is a messaging app largely used all around the world, but not everybody knows all the things this app can do. Read one to find out more about hidden and surprising WhatsApp features!

  1. Format the text. Not many people know this, but you can actually make the text you write bold, italic or strikethrough, in case you want to underline a certain idea. For bold, use an asterisk before and after the word, for italicize use underscore and for strikethrough tildes.
  2. Add a star to a message. If you need to go back to a particular information, such as an address or a phone number, you just have to long press the message and then tap on the star icon.
  3. Favorite contacts. Now you can find out who do you talk the most in the app. For iPhone, go to Settings/ Data and Storage Use/ Storage Use. For Android, go to Settings/Chat/Chat History/ Email Chat.
  4. Message details. If you want to know when was a message read or delivered, you have to swipe to the left on a message you sent if you have an iPhone, or long-press the message and tap on Info if you use an Android device.
  5. Mute one of the conversations. You have a feature of muting one of your groups or a friend who is too insistent. For Android, long press on a chat, then tap the crossed-out speaker icon. For iPhone, open the conversation, tap on the contact/group’s name and then select Mute.
  6. Hide the last seen status that appears next to your name. Maybe you don’t want everybody to know how late you were up last night chatting on WhatsApp. Go to Settings/ Account/ Privacy/ Last Seen. Then you can choose between three options: My contacts, Everyone and Nobody.

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