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Windows operating software users don’t have to worry about finding a media player to watch their videos or listen to music.  The OS offers Windows Media Player, which lets them do this while also ripping audio CDs, browsing the online music store, purchase music, listen to the various Internet radio stations or burn CDs.

Windows Media Player is your one-stop answer for all your media needs.

The great thing about Windows Media Player (WMP) is that it supports an array of file formats:

  • Windows Media Audio – WMA
  • Windows Media Video – WMV
  • Advanced Systems Format – ASF

It also comes with a playlist format known as Windows Playlist, which is founded upon XML.

The present WMP is WMP12, which was released back in 2009. There’s been no update since that time, but it’s always compatible with new versions of the Windows software such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10.

Windows 10 and WMP 12

When developers came up with Windows Media Player 12, they definitely had media lovers in their mind. How is that? Users can play music and videos, organizing their media collection and sync media files to a portable device and buy media content through the Internet.

When it comes to Windows 10 and WMP 12, there’s no reason to download the software – it already comes installed. You just need to locate it and use it.

It’s also available by default when you upgrade your computer to Windows 10. The only drawback to WMP 12 is the lack of DVD playback feature. If you want to watch DVDs, you’ll need to go to the Windows Store and purchase the Windows DVD player app.

Updates To Windows Media Player

The 12th version of WMP was released in summer 2009 – about eight years ago. And, since that time, the player has had no update. Although that’s the case, it still works with new Microsoft Windows operating systems.

WMP definitely serves its purpose in a basic way – listening to music and watch videos – but again, the negative aspect is the inability to watch DVDs on the computer.  There’s no doubt how much the WMP has improved since its first release. And, there are not many applications that work like it can. If you’d like to watch DVDs on the computer, you’ll just have to settle with the fact that you’ll need another software.

If you’d rather have a free version to watch your DVDs on, you should consider the VLC player, which is similar to the WMP and will let you watch DVDs.