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Chrome is regarded as “the” browser to use of all platforms, but that doesn’t make it the only one.  An up and coming browser known as UC Browser is giving Google’s Chrome a run for its money.

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group is responsible for the UC Browser. The company is a parent organization to the world’s biggest Internet business-to-business trading platforms for small companies. The company developed a browser for desktops and Android platforms.
UC Browser was made public in 2004, becoming the first J2ME application. It gets support from an array of platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Java ME, Symbian and Windows Phone. Of all these platforms, Android has the biggest user UC share – 300 million downloads out of 500 million Google Android OS users.

Why Should You Consider The UC Browser?

The UC browser is a mobile web browser that takes up very little space on your smartphone (16MB) and your Windows PC (50.9MB). With additional storage space, people can download what they want. On top of that, browsing the Internet can be done quickly. It’s also available in various languages including but not limited to:

  • Arabic
  • Bangla
  • English
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Spanish

The UC Browser uses data compression and cloud acceleration. The browser’s servers are proxies that can compress web page data. It’s also adaptable to environments of the same networks and can download files in various formats.

When you want to use web apps, the browser including HTML5 and cloud syncing, similar to Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge. It offers a cloud storage space called UDisk that will provide users with additional storage space.  UC Browser will definitely compete with the bigger, more popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
It’s easy to download the UC Browser on your Android Phone. Just go to the Play Store and download the free copy. Type in UC Browser and find the app. Hit install and the downloading and installation process will begin.