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Pokemon GO was no doubt one of the biggest hits of 2016. The phenomenon developed by Niantic has made itself known across borders and people of all ages have been playing the addictive mobile device game. With the beloved Pokemon franchise as its backbone, Pokemon GO was met with high acclaims during release.

The game also received several updates during its lifespan, improving on issues that needed to be addressed. A mix of tweaks and quality of life changes as well as significant additions (like the Generation 2 fresh wave of Pokemon making it into the game). All these happened in 2016 however, and until now there was no word of Niantic’s plans for the months to come.

That finally changed as Niantic announced a new update for the game. Rejoicing fans were happy to hear that the developer behind the biggest sensation of mobile gaming in a long time was going to drop yet another patch. The update is actually being rolled now, so it’s only a matter of time before it reaches everyone’s device. Here are the changes that can be expected on both the Android and iOS platform:

  • The distance parameters used for tracking have been altered so that GPS drifts can be accounted for in a more efficient manner.
  • Text has seem improvements and fixing where needed,, although in a small amount.
  • The Apple Watch Pokemon GO application has been updated so it may now display PokeStop eggs.

The Apple Watch app for Pokemon GO was supposed to be something huge but it ended up being pretty lackluster and overall not that useful. Niantic seems to be taking the first steps towards fixing that problem by adding a new functionality to the app that allows users to view Eggs which can be acquired from PokeStops.

Speaking of PokeStops, late last year Niantic managed to cut a deal with Starbucks so that almost the entirety of its chain is part of the Pokemon GO experience and can be visited as a PokeStop.