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Minecraft fans that play the game on Windows smartphones were faced with some serious news as Minecraft decided to cancel updating the respective game because the platform has experienced a drop in active users. This decision came as an obvious one as the lack of players cannot further sustain the game’s development on the respective platform.

Sources are saying that Mojang’s hit game is still available on the Microsoft store notwithstanding the fact that devices which run on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. If you own such device bear in mind that Minecraft is believed to be available on the store for a limited amount of time.

Swedish game designer Markus Persson initially visualized the game and created it and was further developed by Mojang. It is a sandbox game which allows players to create constructions entirely formed from three dimensional boxes. In order to create such constructions players will need to explore, craft and gather materials which are either infinite in the creative mode or obtained by gathering in survival mode.

Mojang has not given any further information regarding their plans of ditching any plans regarding Minecraft ran on Windows Phone devices. Their latest update on respective devices happened in December 2016 and brought a series of improvements and bug fixes.

Unlike Windows Phones, Android and iOS devices have Mojang’s full-fledged attention as the game has received an update entitled The Ender Update. Windows operating phones feel a bit left out and an official announcement regarding their current state when it comes to Minecraft is yet to be issued.

Hope is not entirely lost as Microsoft has issued a statement that the desktop version of Windows 10 will eventually be implemented on all of their handsets. Being powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, there are no worries that such devices will not be able to run Minecraft at full capacity.

Notwithstanding Mojang’s decision to withdraw support for Minecraft ran on Windows smartphones, it still plays a major part when it comes to its sales on PC platforms. We can only hope for Mojang to announce further development plans for Windows-operated smartphones.