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There are a plethora of web browsers for Internet users to choose from – though the two commonly used ones include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Both browsers have their benefits, and they do have some drawbacks – choosing the browser that’s right for you is based on what needs you have.

What’s The Compatibility Like?

Google Chrome can be used on any desktop or laptop that runs Windows, Linux or the Mac operating software. However, Microsoft Edge is only usable through Windows 10. If you have an older model PC or your computer does not use the Windows operating software, you cannot use Edge.

What’s Their Design Like?

Chrome and Edge are simple in their design. This isn’t a unique aspect to them as Mozilla Firefox and Opera are also very simple in their design. Google Chrome was the first to offer a simplistic design in web browsing. When you use Chrome, you’ll notice the Back, Forward and Refresh buttons along with the Omnibox. You can decrease this further by deleting buttons you don’t think are necessary or add useful extensions.

Most people have used Internet Explorer, and the design of the Edge browser mimics the IE 11 browser – it’s just a less cluttered version of it. There’s a search bar/address bar at the top of the page with a minute number of icons. It comes with a streamlined toolbar and thin borders.

What Are The Features Of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

The biggest selling point of Chrome is that it’s the “heart” of the majority of Google service, which lets you access them easily and effortlessly. If you’re constantly using Gmail, Google Docs or Google Drive, Google Chrome is the right browser for you.

It’s also ideal if you like using extensions for tasks. A significant number of developers will focus their extension development for the Chrome browser.

As it currently stands, there are no extensions available for Microsoft Edge. It does come built-in apps like Cortana and Outlook, which are great if you use them. Microsoft has noted it will be offering extensions in Edge soon, but there’s no timetable for when that may happen.

What’s The Security Like Of Both Browsers?

NSS Labs is an independent organization that will run benchmark tests on the three main browsers – Chrome, Edge and Firefox – to find out what browser is safer. The main test is learning how the browser deals with malware. According to the results, the Edge spotted 99% of the malicious links. Chrome, however, spotted just 85.8% and Firefox spotted 78.3%. Based on the NSS Labs’ results, it would be safe to say that the Microsoft Edge is the safest one of them all.
Which One Is More Popular?

Although Edge is more secure, more people use Chrome for their web browsing needs. NetMarketShare tracks the number of unique visitors on the browsers. Chrome gets nearly half of the web browsing market (47%), and Edge has just five percent. StatCounter also looks at the number of visits and noted that 60% of web traffic is done through Chrome with just three percent for the Edge browser.

There’s no doubt that both browsers have their own things to users. If you have Microsoft 10 for your OS and like using Microsoft apps, then you may want to stick with the Edge. However, if you’re a big Google fan and love using Extensions, then Chrome may be the browser for you.