If the new MacBook Pro models turn out to be bad, it surely won’t be for lack of RAM. Apple is presumably planning to offer up to 32 GB of RAM within the new Macs. This will help serve the professional oriented clientele, which requires a lot of memory to process heavy loads at a time. If you’re looking to buy a new MacBook but think 32 GB RAM is a bit over the top, don’t worry. Apple is preparing more traditionally friendly options for consumers that don’t feel like stretching for 32 GB of RAM. The 12 inch version of the device will supposedly house only 16 GB.

The huge RAM capacity of the MacBook 2017 series isn’t the only internal upgrade it holds over predecessors. One of the most notable implementations is the Kaby Lake architecture. The two upgrades are closely tied however, as the lack of support for higher capacities than 16 GB of RAM has pushed Apple to replacing the previous Sky Lake architecture found on its MacBook computers.

The line of new MacBooks will include devices ranging from 12 inches to 15 inches, with the latter being a new addition to the high end MacBook Pro models which can be expected in the second half of this year. Apple seems to have planned out release points for a more fragmented launch of the series thus prioritizing some categories over others.

Aside from hardware upgrades and innovations, the new MacBooks are credited with a design revamp. Although that might be a strong word, considering that they still retain a familiar look and feel to them, they have been severely cut down in thickness, even more so than before, as we now have the thinnest MacBooks ever created.

The addition of a new Touch Bar that allows users to more swiftly control the device and always have access to some key utilities is also something that fans and long time followers of the brand are eager to check out. All in all the new MacBook line is expected to turn some heads this year from both an aesthetical and a performance point of view.

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