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Luca Todesco routinely participates in beta versions, and he knows the beta version of any software are often filled with bugs and other problems. When it comes to risks, there are many users who’ve undertaken the procedure, downloaded the IPA and are dealing with a host of problems.

In order to keep these issues at bay, there are a couple of things to note:

  • Be sure the update is compatible with your device.
  • You need to be a registered Apple Developer and ensure the Xcode has been installed on your Mac device.

You want your computer to have the latest iTunes installed. And, if you’re really hitting it hard, be sure to save your device’s data.

You’ll also need a USB cable to connect your devices. Once you do that, tap on the Cydia Impactor and drag the IPA file to it and drop it. When Cydia requests your Apple ID and password, type it in, and Cydia should start syncing to the Yalu IPA.

Now, find your Settings button and go to General and Profiles & Device Management. Tap on it. Return to the home screen and look for the Mac_Portal item. From there, you just need the jailbreaking tool to install Cydia. The phone will need to be rebooted, and you’ll need to install the semi-untethered jailbreak. You’ll need to manually do this each time you jailbreak your phone.

While Cydia totally functional, it doesn’t mean it’s stable. On top of that, your Mobile Substrate will quit working. Thus, you’ll need to already know how to get into the iOS system root before you can make some changes.

If you’d rather have a stable version of the jailbreak, it would be best to wait. A release should be offered relatively soon.