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Microsoft hit console is one of the best out there and can boast with the best games included in their library as well as awesome exclusivities. The Xbox One S became a major hit upon its release as it offers HDR gaming support as well as a Blu-ray player.

Notwithstanding gaming being the major factor on which Microsoft is relying upon on their Xbox One, gamers who own the device can actually use the console as an entertainment center through the unlimited apps available. Hundreds of amazing apps lie in wait for you to discover them not only for entertainment purposes but also to boost productivity. We’ve come up with a top to give you a better view of which apps can seriously improve the way in which you use the device.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer is one of the best apps available on the Xbox platform. Being available on Microsoft’s hit console can only means that the trouble of constantly switching between your TV and console will cause no hassle as important news or BBC programming is available for anyone. Another important perk is that Xbox owners can stream live TV right from the app.


Being widely considered as the best streaming video content service in the world, Netflix is a must-have app if one has a subscription to the service. It comes with a lot of exclusive series and hit movies to choose from. Everyone who owns an Xbox should subscribe to Netflix in order to receive a lot of interesting content as well as a one-month free trial.

Amazon/Instant Video

Amazon Prime is a great service to buy as it will set you back about 79 Pounds and not only does it come with free shipping when one orders something from Amazon but it also enables you to access its video streaming service as well. It basically does the same thing as Netflix, the difference being that it has a lot of exclusive titles.


It might be strange to talk about a productivity app on a gaming oriented device but Microsoft’s OneDrive enables anyone to access all the documents stored in it. If you choose not to view your Excel spreadsheets or Powerpoint presentations, the app also lets you view videos or photos stored in cloud.


Twitch is a streaming app which lets everyone watch other people play video games. The app can be used to view your favorite streamers right from the comfort of your couch as you will not need to switch between your PC and TV when it comes to previewing games you are willing to buy.