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It seems that WhatsApp is once again attacked by a scam where people are requested to forward a message to 13 friends in order to enjoy free internet while using the application. At the same time, the scam claims that if you forward the message to five groups, you will also get free mobile data.

According to TechTimes, the message says: “You can already get Internet Free Without WI-FI with WhatsApp, and it is by means of invitations, here I give you an invitation.”

As you’ve already noticed, the message is poorly written and this is mostly because it was translated to a language depending on which one is detected in the settings of the users’ browser. In addition, the message contains a link that will redirect the users to a fake WhatsApp website.

According to WeLiveSecurity, once you get redirected, you will be prompted to subscribe to costly SMS services or even accept third-party applications installation on your handset. All these actions are made with the purpose to extort money from the users.

However, if you have been using the internet for quite a while, you will easily know that this is a scam. First of all, everyone should know that WhatsApp will never be able to provide free mobile data.

The developers of WhatsApp already know about the scam message, but it clearly can’t stop all users who have already shared the message to their friends, family or even groups. However, WhatsApp has mentioned that it is currently working on reducing any spam messages that are used on their application.

These kinds of spam messages will keep surfacing in the future, as it is an easy way to trick people and get some money from them. Hopefully, WhatsApp will find a way to stop the spam messages on time, before more and more users will get tricked by them.