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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users may soon be able to attain the Android Nougat (Android N) update, which will offer an array of improvements to their devices. The Nougat also offers many fixed and tweaks while eliminating the Samsung Notes features.

Samsung Notes Has Been Removed

With Samsung Notes gone, it means less pre-installed apps on the devices. People who like Samsung Notes can still obtain it from either Galaxy Apps or Google Play. Although it’s been removed, it still has an update to it.

Before an update to Android Nougat is done, it’s best to backup information from Samsung Notes. There’s a minute possibility that the data associated with it is deleted. According to Android Central, not all devices that were updated to the Android N lost Samsung Notes, but better safe than sorry.

Samsung Experience Has Been Removed

There have been changes to the Settings menu thanks to the removal of the Samsung Experience tab in the section About Device. The latest update is 280MB and is currently running. People who want to update their smartphones will get a notification about it or will need to manually download it through the Settings menu.

Dealing With Bugs and Increasing Its Stability

The Android N update deals with some minute bug fixes and addresses some stability problems. There were a plethora of bugs in the previous version. With this update, Samsung Galaxy users should have a much better experience.

The Android Nougat is seen as a minor upgrade that deals with the problems seen in the other version, ensuring the company’s smartphones are ready for their official release without issues.

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