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When Pokemon Go was first released it had the entire world out on the streets chasing Pokemon down but players started losing their interest along the way. Well, Niantic Labs managed to find a method to get everyone back. The game developer launched a major Halloween themed update and that brought Pokemon Go back to the number one spot in the most downloaded mobile games chart. Pokemon Go managed to bring the whopping amount of $950 million in revenue to Niantic Labs.

In fact, seeing the major success they’ve had with that patch, Niantic started developing another huge update that’s going to bring the second generation of Pokemon. While Niantic has yet to confirm this, Pokemon Go data miners managed to find this information in the game’s source code. The game miners found over 40 new Pokemon fight moves and this is what points towards a second generation.

Regarding Pokemon Go’s 2016 revenue stats, this information has been brought to light by the tracking site app known as App Annie. What’s really incredible about the $950 million in profits is that Pokemon Go was launched during summer meaning that it was available only half a year. Although $950 million is really huge, Pokemon Go wasn’t the highest grossing mobile app of 2016. Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Sage are both ahead of Pokemon Go in terms of revenue profit generated during 2016.

Now that Pokemon Go has been introduced on the App store, the store managed to have revenue sales of over $20 billion but that’s a result of all app profits combined together. Music Magpie which is a research website posted a report where it actually shows how much many these mobile game are making per minute. The highest grossing game is Clash of Clans and it makes 124$ per minute while Candy Crush Saga generates $101.80.

Seeing the huge amounts of profits these small games are making, we think it’s safe to say that the mobile games industry is going to keep on evolving. We can only imagine how much money Pokemon Go will generate through 2017 now that Generation 2 is coming.