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Gabe Newell, the Valve president, has recently revealed that his video game studio is still interested in producing single player games. He even teased the possibility of a new game in the Half-Life universe in the context of a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA).

When someone asked him whether Valve is working on any single-player game, he simply confirmed this possibility. This question was followed by another one that tackled the subject of a change that a new IP will take place in the Half-Life or Portal universe, to which he answered positively again.

However, it’s not just about the games. Newell also offered some updates to the fans on the current status of two films which are supposed to take place in the Half-Life universe. For now, it seems that they are in the beginning of the production phase, and the director is J. J. Abrams. Newell said that they are coming soon, though nobody knows exactly how soon that is.

Of course, these are not official announcements, but fans are still happy that the boss at Valve admitted that they are working on some things from the Half-Life universe. Moreover, if he himself admitted the projects are currently in work, this holds more credibility than mere rumors.

Game Informed people last week of an interview they took to a source (which nobody knows) about the details in Half Life 3/ Half Life 2: Episode Three’s development. Apparently, there is nothing going on with Half Life, according to the mysterious source, but many people decided not to believe this.

The new IP which is going to be set in this universe might be a VR game, since this technology is taking over the entire gaming world. Even the director admitted that in their opinion, VR is an important part in developing a game, so fans are keeping their hopes up on this one.