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According to some sources, it seems that Google is planning on adding a device certification to the Play Store soon enough. Called GMS Certification, the new option will appear in the Play Store app for some of the users. Its purpose is to show whether the device you are using has a certification for the installation of this particular app or not. Indeed, most of the Android devices do have the certification, but there still are some that do not.

In this sense, the reason for which you need a GMS certification is to make sure that your device is secure. However, it seems that this measure has a mere alerting role. More precisely, you are not denied access to anything in case your phone does not receive the certification. So you will still be able to access the Play Store and the entire suite of apps and services available from Google.

Although in the beginning few users seemed to be able to see the option, now the number is increasing. For now, not everybody has access to it, and probably it won’t be a large rollout. If you want to check whether you have received the certification or not, you simply have to open the Play Store app and to go to Settings. You should see (or not) the GMS Certification at the bottom of the menu.

Despite the good idea behind this update, it is unclear for now how many average users will enjoy and use the option. Definitely, it’s better to have the certification there and to be aware of the fact that there is such a thing as a certification process, but people are not sure what the practical goal of the update is. It seems that it is good that it alerts you if your uncertified phone causes some apps or features to work abnormally.

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