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Until now, Google Maps has helped users to reach to their destination, by offering street maps and information about the traffic. But once they arrived to the location, they had trouble finding an available parking spot and they had to drive around for minutes and missing their appointments. But this will no longer be a problem, because Google Maps v9.44 Beta will tell if a parking is busy, so that users will look for a spot somewhere else.

Before hitting the road, you will set your route from Point A to Point B and on the screen you’ll see a small blue icon. Next to the estimated time of arrival will appear the letter P, which will inform you if the situation is Easy or Medium and if the icon turns red, it means that the parking options are Limited.

You will not get real time parking information, but Google Maps will offer advice based on how hard it is to find a parking spot in a certain area. You will be able to expand the description of a parking lot nearby airports or shopping centers, where usually it’s very crowded and very hard to find an available spot.

This feature is now available only for a few users who have installed Maps v9.44 beta and it’s not sure when it will come to the UK. Another feature that offers information about how busy some public places are has been recently added to the application and it’s surely helping uses to decide when it’s best to visit restaurants, bars, museums etc.

Google owns a navigation service called Waze and several months ago, it introduced a similar feature that supported locations such as malls, airports and all kinds of public spots. Most likely, this feature will add more places in the near future for both services.

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