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Clash Royale fans are really happy to see that the developing team released a new update in their favorite game. The things they added are a new arena and a new card, namely the Dart Goblin and the Jungle Arena, which will surely make lots of people glad and interested to keep playing.

The new Jungle Arena addition can become available after you gain 2,600 Trophies and it looks awesome! The theme is Indiana Jones and it is something new, in comparison to the previous arenas. If you play it overtime, you might see some heavy rainstorm that will make the entire field come to life. Many fans are happy with the fact that Supercell added the Overtime feature and are anxious to see how it can be applied to the other rings too.

Besides the Jungle Arena, the new update brings fans a new card called Dart Goblin. Its special ability is the fact that it can go really fast and it can hit the enemy troops from the air and from the ground. You can use it in one second and it will cost you merely three elixirs.

However, there are more good news for those who play Clash Royale! As it seems, Supercell is planning on revealing four new cards every other week. The first one which was already released is the Dart Goblin, but the rest remains a surprise for everybody.

Besides the new update, you can also find some other additions to the game, such as the Epic Sunday feature. This consists in the players who can request and offer their Epic cards just for 50% of the price, starting from 1,000 gold. Moreover, you can also find a new Clan Chest in Clash Royale, which will let you earn more Crowns that can unlock it.