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If in the beginning Samsung created their Gear VR product so that you don’t have to use a separate controller, it eventually becomes very tiring to use only one hand on the touch panel found on the side of this headset. For this reason, many gamers go back to using a controller, which is totally fine. Actually, there are lots of games that you can play with the help of a controller, and here you have a brief list of them.

  • Bandit Six: Salvo. The game produced by Climax Studios has received some very interesting feedback on Reddit. You don’t necessarily need a controller, but it’s much more comfortable to keep your finger on a real trigger than mingling with the side of the headset.
  • The famous game was initially played with just a mouse and a keyboard, and honestly, its graphics is kind of weird. However, if you ever played it before, you know that it’s truly satisfying. You can’t really play it without a controller since it would be rather confusing to use a touchpad.
  • The touch panel also makes this game more complicated, so having a controller in your hand will give you an advantage over the enemies. You just have to choose the best spells and to dive in the duel until you defeat the mages.
  • Herobound Gladiators. According to the Escalation Studios, this game is a full VR social RPG experience. It truly is fantastic, according to many people’s testimonials, and what’s even better is the fact that if you play it with a controller in your hand, it really feels as if you have your own video game booth.

Though there are still some other games that can be played with a controller, these are some of the most popular. Even so, the debate is hot when it comes to using a controller or the device as such.