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The Android Nougat has been released back in August 2016 and it came with many new features. Unfortunately, there are not many devices that currently run on the new operating system, but according to reports, this might change in the following months. Today we will talk about some of the new features that the Android Nougat comes with.

Multi Window Support

Samsung has been offering multi-window support for quite a while now. However, the only problem was that only the stock application (and a few 3rd party applications) supported this feature. But, the Android Nougat brings this feature and allows you to use it on any application.

Notification Bar Toggles

Google has finally added toggles in the notification menu, which allows you to quickly turn on/off Bluetooth, Mobile Data or Wi-Fi. While this is just a simple new feature, it surely made many users very happy. To make things even better, you are able to customize the toggles, which means that, depending on your preferences, you will see different toggles when you will pull down the notification bar.

Settings Menu Enhancements

The settings menu has also been improved and the operating system gives you suggestions about the settings at the top. In addition, each sub-menu is now displaying relevant information. In other words, the battery sub-menu will now display how much battery your device has left and how long it will last.

Night Mode

We have to mention that the night mode has been available via 3rd party applications for quite a while. The Night Mode can also be activated automatically during certain times of the day, which is great, especially if you don’t want to change the settings every now and then.

What are your thoughts about the Android Nougat? Will you install it on your handset once it will be available for it?