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Apple has released the iPad Mini 4 over a year ago and due to unknown reasons, the company has skipped the launch of the successor in September 2016. But fans are hoping to see it in March 2017, when Apple will announce new hardware. Until then, we’ll keep collecting news and rumors about the specs of the iPad Mini 5.

The American giant company had a tradition to release new products in September or October, but in 2016, it made a surprising move and brought the iPad Pro 9.7 in March. There are 50 percent chances that we’ll see the iPad Mini 5 in two months, and 50 percent chances that we won’t see it at all this year. We don’t think that Apple will kill the range off, as there have been some rumors about a possible release of a new Mini alongside the iPad Pro 2, and that the production has started in December.


According to the latest leaked information, the iPad Mini 5 will be similar to its predecessor, meaning that it will have a very slim shell, but it will be 5mm thick, and therefore, much lighter than the 299 grams iPad Mini 4. Also, rumors suggest that the tablet will have a fingerprint scanner built into its screen, as sources claim that it will get a Pro makeover.


Most likely, the screen will keep its size of 7.9-inch and resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. There is no need to increase the resolution because the iPad Mini 4 already has a sharp screen. There is a possibility that Apple will add 3D Touch, the pressure-sensitive technology that allows users to interact with the device more easily, based on the level of pressure applied on the screen.

Camera and Battery

For years, Apple has used an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP front camera, but two years ago, both cameras have been upgraded on the iPhone 6 and later, the 12MP rear one and the 5MP front one were seen on the iPad Pro 9.7. There are chances that the iPad Mini 5 will come with the new cameras, or it will have an additional lens on the back.


While the iPad Pro 2 is expected to be powered by an A10X chip, the iPad Mini 5 will use older hardware, like the A9X chip from the iPad Pro 9.7, or the A10 Fusion chip from the iPhone 7. The RAM capacity won’t suffer any changes, as the iPad Mini 4 already performs well with 2GB.


We’re guessing that the iPad Mini 5 will have the same release price as the iPad Mini 4 and that the 32GB version will cost $399/£379/AU$569.