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Have you ever wondered why you need to constantly update your Adobe Flash Player when prompted? It’s because the developers have worked on patches and fixes to address the multiple vulnerabilities within its software – vulnerabilities that could lead to hackers getting ahold of your system and private information.

Browser companies like Google and Mozilla have discovered problems with Adobe Flash Player, and have taken steps to protect their users by removing it and opting for HTML5.

Does that mean you can’t use it at all?  It doesn’t mean that in the least. You can still download Adobe Flash Player and install it, but you still need to be mindful of the risks associated with this once-popular program.

Don’t become a malware victim. When Adobe suggests that you get the latest Flash Player installed, make sure you do it through their official site. Always download the Flash security updates to keep yourself protected from ransomware attacks, which have occurred with older Flash Player versions.

This cannot be repeated enough – download only from a reputable website, or you’re putting your computer at risk for malware.

  • If you have Google Chrome, any Flash Player update is automatically applied. Don’t listen to popups that tell you your Flash Player is out of date – it’s not.
  • If you’re using a Mac decide, Safari deactivated the Flash Player add-on, which means there’s no reason to update the player unless you’ve activated it.

If you let the program update automatically, the latest version will download and install. Allow the automatic updates to do their thing.

Again, be sure you visit the Adobe Flash Player download center to get the latest version. Upon your visit, you’ll be made aware if you have an older version or if your installed version is current.