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A new GTA Online update has been released and it brought a new vehicle and a new adversary mode. The new game mode is called “Collection Time”, while the new version of the car that James Bond has used in “Spectre” movie.

Unfortunately, the update doesn’t bring any new addition to the GTA 5 single player mode, so if you’ve been expecting some new story missions, you’re out of luck. However, let’s face it, Rockstar Games knows that the online service is where the real money comes from.

The new vehicle is based on the Aston Martin brand, which is also associated with the James Bond series. It is good to know that this car is a fictional interpretation of the Aston Martin DB10, the car that has been driven by Bond. You can use this car to rob stores or even win some races.

Unfortunately, the car doesn’t come cheap, as you will need to pay $599,000 (in-game money) for it. At the same time, if you want to fully upgrade this car, you will have to pay another $252,000. The new vehicle comes with a very tempting hot pink color that will surely attract many gamers.

The new Collection Times Adversary mode supports two to sixteen gamers. Each player is worth 1 point in this mode, which means that by killing any enemy you will get your team a point. The team that has the highest points by the end of the round will win.

The new GTA Online update has been released for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you’ve been waiting for GTA 6 then we have some bad news for you, as the developing company has not even mentioned that it is currently working on it. In other words, more GTA 5 Online updates will be released until the GTA 6 will hit the stores.

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