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Contrary to many people’s expectations, it seems that Google+ is not dead yet. The company has decided not to give it up, and now they are rolling out 3 updates for this product, scheduled to appear within the next two weeks. And some fans are happy with the new updates.

One of the updates consists in the fact that Google+ users can now hide the low-quality comments, so that they can see those who are more important to them, according to a blog post written by the Google+ product manager Danielle Buckley.

The second update refers to the zoom options on the photos and it changes the app so that you will have less white space on the screen. Generally, there are lots of interesting photos there, and this update will make users love this social network more.

The third and last update consists in the grand return of the Events feature. From the 24th of January, users will now be able to join and create their own events on Google+. On the same day we will see the death of the old version of Google+. But even so, we can enjoy the new version!

Back in 2015, Google+ began to evolve from a mere social network just like all the others to a network that is focused around content. Part of this important process was a redesign made by Google and the introduction of more tools that would help moderators in the community. Besides, the team also completed the new version with adding links and images to the comments on the network.

It remains to be seen whether the new version of the Google+ will have the success the company had always hoped for, but never managed to truly achieve. However, there still are some voices saying that people are not too happy with the new Google+, but it all depends on what new things will they do with it.