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Google Play Store is a very popular and important app supported by multi-platforms, such as, Android OS, iOS, Chrome OS, web and now on Kindle Fire tablets. Sounds crazy but it actually is possible. While it will not work on all devices, Play Store can be enjoyed in some.

Amazon’s answer to mobile computing, Kindle Fire, is a tablet that operates similarly to an Android device. It also runs on a custom version of Android OS. That said, it is that difficult to have Android apps installed on this kind of tablet.

What are the ways to do this?

There are two techniques to install Android apps on kindle Fire. One is by downloading Android APK installer files to install the app without going through Google Play Store. The other one, obviously, is via the Play Store. The surprising thing is the fact that despite not having a pre-installed Google Play Store like other Android devices, you can install this on Kindle and even lets you have Google Play Services that will come in handy when it comes to most Google apps.

Installing Google Play Store

For installation, you will have to invest in a 4th gen Kindle Fire or a latter model with Fire OS5. You will also need to have internet connection ad your dependable laptop or PC to perform the process. Download Google Play Store onto your Windows PC and then transfer it to your device via a USB-to-micro-USB cable.

Remember to enable developer options first by going to the Settings App in the Home Screen. Tap on the Device Options and the Serial Number seven times. You will get a notification indicating you are now a developer. When you see the menu option, “Developer Options”, open it and tap on the toggle that says “Enable ADB”.

Next, check if ADB is installed on your Windows PC. If it is, look for the RootJunky SuperTool. If none, you can download it. After, you can now connect your Kindle Fire to your PC and extract the contents of the file and follow the instructions to finally install Google Play Store.

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