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By now, there are so many people that know about Uber that it would be easier to list the ones that don’t. The growingly popular service that allows you to catch a ride directly from your smartphone through a dedicated app has gotten even cooler with a new addition. It looks like now you can actually hail an Uber from Google Maps, making it so that you aren’t even required to use the app anymore.

So how does it work?

Google has added a new tab that is available when you search for directions. If you got your point A and your point B, Google will have all these options put at your disposal, including a tab for ridesharing. You may be wondering what ridesharing is. Well, aside from public transportation, bikes or walking, you can also use ridesharing to get to your destination. This includes all the pickups in your area that you might be able to take advantage of.

Recently there was a change in what Google displayed alongside directions, and has now implemented a tab that shows the entire popular car services which you can call upon. The tab contains information for services like Halio, Lyft, Gett, and last but certainly not least: Uber. There are actionable command which let you use the service and setup a pickup directly from Google Maps.

A great duo

While you still use your Uber account, you can bypass the Uber app entirely. This new feature available in Google Maps makes it so that Uber gets even more exposure and people that were previously unfamiliar with the app but were using Maps on a regular basis can now be introduced to it.

Uber has benefited from massive success and since its release the service has managed to infiltrate in many people’s daily schedule. As a company that always excels at innovation, Google seized this opportunity to integrate Uber into its platform as well and thus bringing consumers more options when it comes to traveling and finding your way through whatever city you’re in.

While people will surely enjoy this new feature and incorporate it into their lifestyle if they were already adepts of either Uber or Maps, everyone hopes that such partnerships will pave the way to new opportunities in the future as well.