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Recently, the Facebook team introduced an interesting update to their social network. They brought an update to the Live feature, offering many improvements that aim to let brands and publishers control more their broadcasts and also make them more flexible.

Among the updates we can see that they are now able to broadcast directly from a web browser, from a desktop or a laptop. This is particularly helpful for those who need to make daily vlogs, for example, where you might need more than just a webcam, plus the entire process is more accessible now.

In Pages we can also see a new section, called Live Contributors. This will let admins allow other individuals the possibility of live broadcasting on the particular Page. Before, the admins were the only ones that could make a live broadcast from their pages. This means it’s easier for the other editors to get in touch with the target audience, such as the analysts, guests or journalists.

Better video metrics is another area which was improved in the most recent update. If you have a profile with more than 5,000 followers you will now be able to see more details about the live videos. This includes metrics about the total minutes viewed, total engagement, number of viewers. Moreover, you can also see interesting insights on periods of 7, 30 or 60 days. It is helpful for personalities or public figures, who can now have a better understanding of their video content processes.

The concept of live streaming is not a new one, but this phenomenon has seen an increase in the number of people using it starting with last year, when the option of broadcasting from your mobile device became largely available. At the same time, it is interesting to see how this trend is going to evolve and how are people going to receive these updates.