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Can WhatsApp be used on an Android device that has no SIM card? The answer to that is yes. You’ll need a cell phone number for verification purposes and to log into the WhatsApp account you have set up, but it can be done.

How To Install WhatsApp On A Non-SIM Android Tablet?

The first thing you’ll have to do is install WhatsApp manually onto the tablet. Why? Trying to install it through the Google Play Store will result in the program telling you the device is incompatible with the application. You won’t be able to hit the “Install” button.

Go to to hit the “Download Now” button to attain the latest BETA APK file for your tablet. Make sure you go into your “Settings, Security” of the tablet and click on enable “Unknown Sources.” This setting will let you install the APK file so you can install the WhatsApp app onto your tablet.

After you’ve installed it, use your cell phone number for verification purposes. Consider getting a new SIM card for your device and WhatsApp application.  The verification is going to fail, which is when it suggests a robot call you with the verification code. Hit the “Call Me” button, and a robot will call the phone. Use that code for your verification to go through, and you can use the WhatsApp app on your tablet without issues.

Why Should You Get A New SIM Card?

WhatsApp does not allow for the same number to be used interchangeably. A new SIM card means a new cell phone number, which means you can have another WhatsApp ID for the tablet.  You’ll be able to use the app on both your smartphone and tablet anytime you want.