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People who had hoped to learn about some free methods to jailbreak their 3rd generation Apple TV are in for a rude awakening. There is no jailbreaking as of yet for the ATV3. The only successful jailbreaks have been discovered for the ATV2 and ATV4. ATV3 owners can just pray that there are developers out there developing a jailbreaking tool for their device – staying silent, so they don’t provide any false hope until they actually get a breakthrough.

Why Do People Want To Jailbreak Their TV

Jailbreaking your Apple TV allows you to enjoy a host of possibilities with the device, especially for apps and media not listed in the iTunes store. With a jailbreaking tool, you can get slideshows and weather on your TV’s main menu. You can alter the screen saver settings and do a plethora of other customizations. It’ll even allow you to do a WebKit browser installation so you can do a Google search on the TV.

The Apple TV was first released to the public in 2009 – the first generation working only as a device that synced to content such as videos and music in owners’ iTunes library. By the second generation, synching wasn’t necessary anymore as people were streaming videos and music from their iOS or Mac device through AirPlay. Eventually, other services were introduced – Netflix, Now TV and iCloud.

This streaming idea was seen in the third Apple TV generation, but only better. Upon its introduction, people could stream whatever they wanted through their Mac, iPad or iPhone devices. They were able to bounce content from the iPhone and iPad to the TV with the AirPlay app. They could want Netflix and other channels, purchase or rent TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store or show photos through their iCloud Photo Library.

The 3rd Apple TV generation has so much for owners to enjoy, despite the fact there is no jailbreaking tool for it just yet. And, for those that do want the tool, it’s a wait-and-see game. Will developers come up with a jailbreaking tool for ATV3 or not?