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What phone gets the latest Android firmware? The answer to that question is based on a plethora of factors. The latest Android firmware is Nougat, which is the OS’s seventh version.  In order to know what device gets it, there has to be an understanding between the phone manufacturer, the chipset manufacturer and the cell phone carrier.

Since the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J7 Prime are considered mid-range phones, will they attain the Nougat update?

How The Factors Affect What Phones Get The Update

That depends – on the factors mentioned above. Sure, the possibility is definitely there that an update to Nougat exists. After all, the phone are not that old – the J7 has a 2015 release while the J7 Prime was made available in 2016.
They certainly fall into the two-year timeframe of when phones are liable to see an OS firmware update.

If you look at the chipset, you can find out if the models will get the update. The J7 came with two chips:

  • Snapdragon 615 chipset – This is likely to see the update because it can handle Nougat’s demand.
  • Exynos 7580 chipset – This is unlikely to handle Nougat’s demand and may not get the upgrade.

The J7 Prime is installed with the Exynos 7870 chipset and can handle the request a Nougat update requires of it. It’s liable to get the firmware update.

If you look at previous upgrades, you can determine if a device will get an update. For instance, the J7 was installed with the Lollipop when it was released to the public. And, it could be upgraded to Marshmallow when it came out.  The J7 Prime model came out with the Marshmallow update and will likely be updated to the Nougat.

There’s no doubt that both the J7 and the J7 Prime are ideal mid-range phones and them getting the OS firmware update would be nice for the phone owners.