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There’s been a lot of speculation that a jailbreaking iOS 10 tool will be released, with the thought it would be made available when Apple released its 10.2 firmware. Many people feel it’ll be Pangu, a Chinese hacking team, that will develop the tool and release it, making sure it stays one step ahead of Apple.

It appears the worst case scenario has happened for people who wanted a jailbreaking tool. Apple decided to carry out a seventh beta testing for the iOS 10.2. Some of the changes made resulted in instability for the whole operating system, which ensured it was not hackable.

Pangu and other jailbreaking developers have stayed mum after the 10.2 launch – there’s been no solution to appease fans. Luca Todesco is a solo developer and has offered some ray of hope. He’s advised iPhone users to switch the iOS 10.1.1 build on. There’s hope that perhaps there will be a jailbreaking tool sometime soon. He made a rather interesting rant about Google Project Zero, talking about a kernel root exploit that could crack the iOS.

Todesco’s plans have given the jailbreaking community a little bit of hope that he can come up with a feasible jailbreak solution for iOS 10.

The window is closing on whether or not someone is going to come up with a jailbreaking tool. It’s possible the jailbreaking tool may come as late as January 2017.