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To many fans’ happiness, last week BioWare announced that all the versions of the future RPG Mass Effect Andromeda will support HDR. According to the general manager at BioWare, it seems that the upcoming game will not only support HDR10, but also Dolby Vision. Apparently the team considers HDR as an essential element in the game, so there’s no surprise that they offer their fans the possibility to enjoy the new product in Dolby Vision too, which many people think it is superior to HDR10.

At the same time, GameSpot made public some of their doubts that Mass Effect Andromeda will be rushed and if the company will need more time for its development. The lead designer of the game, Ian Frazier, was asked about this and he said that the team is not going to rush the game, even if they have been taking care of it for the last five years.

Last week, fans also received a new initiative video for the Mass Effect Andromeda project, where Nomad and the Tempest were shown. There, we could see how they are going to help the players when they start exploring the space.

From the information we have, it seems that the Mass Effect Andromeda game will be launched on the 21st of March on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or on the PC. However, people are starting to lose their patience and there are lots of forums dedicated to the new changes the team plans to introduce to the game. Up until now, the games released by the team have had lots of success, and there are gaming communities centered on their products all throughout the world. Last but not least, fans are hoping to see more interesting content released before the final launch.