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Google Play Store offers thousands of mobile apps, free and paid for Android OS and allows users to browse and download applications. It is also a very popular digital media store where downloads for magazines, movies, books and television shows are available.

But is it possible to have Google Play Store on your iPhone or iPad? Let’s face it, iOS apps are cool and popular but there are also great apps in Play Store that are not available in Apple devices. This is the same thing with games and apps. There are apps available in iPhones and iPads but are not available in Android devices.

Is there any way to address this concern? Yes, there is. It is possible to install Google Play Store in your Apple device by using a jailbreaking tool. However, downloading the appropriate jailbreaking tool is important so as not to put the security of your device at risk.

The process is easy after Cydia and Bootlace have been installed. Next, you can launch Cydia on your home screen. Open it and select the “Manage” button and click “Edit. You can now tap on the “Add” button. After, type in the web link for Cydia and have it installed. You next step now is to install Bootlace. After running Bootlace, you can now restart your Apple device.

Installing Movies and TV App on iOS

It is also possible to get Google Play Movies and TV on iOS platforms. All you need is to search for Google Play Store from the App Store and look for the particular app and have it installed. After installation, you can now enjoy your purchased movies and shows from Google Play Store. However, you cannot buy new movies using your iOS device. You can only do so from your Android device or use a browser.

With the iOs 10.2 jailbreak soon becoming a reality, you can now enjoy Google Play Store in your iPhone or iPad.