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A special Golem event has started for the popular Clash of Clans game, and the players are expecting a Jump Spell boost, which will allow them to earn more gems and double their XP.

During the Golem event, the troop Dark Elixir training price will be ten times lower, depending on a player level, plus there will be additional special challenge where players will use at least two Golems of their armies in order to win three multiplayer matches, so they can achieve 300 XP points. In total, there will be 30 gems additional and the players will have time until next Monday to get the said boost.

There is another surprise that the Clash of Clans fans should expect. This week, most likely on Tuesday, they will have a “Jump Spell” boost that will focus on their big promotion. But, players should know that these events depend on troops or loot and

These events, however, are dependent on troops or loot. It is definitely interesting to see how the scales fare when these spells are favored. Players should take advantage of these events to level up from getting experience points. And they should definitely take advantage of the Golem event and use the best strategy to win battles.

In standard GoWPie attacks, Golems will serve as damage sponge and in order to win, they must team up with Wizards and PEKKA. The Clash of Clans December update brought new Town Hall 11 attack levels such as:

– Golem (level 6);
– Barbarian King (levels 41-45);
– Archer Queen (levels 41-45);
– Clan Castle (level 7);
– Hog (Rider level 7);
– Poison Spell (level 5)
– Wall (level 12)
– Wizard Tower (level 10 at TH 11)

Other events that occurred for the past month were Dragons, Hog Riders and Star Bonus and more are expected to follow.