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Bubble Witch 3 Saga represents the most recent release of Match-3, a sequel to the highly successful saga of Stella the Witch. If you have played this type of game before, then you must be familiar with the complicated technique of popping bubbles. However, there are some new things which this game brings forward, and even if you played before, maybe you need a refreshment of the information. Here you have some new information, tips and tricks for your favorite game!

  1. The new ghost levels are very satisfying, but you must be careful with them. Your task is to create a path through this maze of bubbles, and the ghost will move automatically to the free space, so you can help him on his way.
  2. At another stage, you will find that you have to match owls. However, if you clear them, you will not gain any point, but they will just move to different bubbles. That’s why you have to focus on matching them, and you won’t waste any move.
  3. Burst the fairies you see trapped in the bubbles! This will bring you a chain reaction, which you can sometimes use to clear the areas that would have needed several bubbles otherwise. The trick here is to preserve as many moves as possible.
  4. Building your own home will unlock some extra bonuses, for example power-ups or temporary unlimited lives. Moreover, it takes little time to use the Star Dust, so it’s better to check in regularly. You can also visit the homes of other players too.
  5. Don’t rush the moves. The Bubble Witch 3 Saga is a more strategical game than before, so it’s better to take you time and plan your moves instead of wasting them, especially since you have no time limit.