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Recently, WhatsApp users all around the world had to deal with a new scam that appeared online on their favorite messaging app. As it seems, various users received messages that convinced them they can have free Internet without Wi-Fi. Though those who are more experienced know that this is not technically possible, many people are tempted by this opportunity and go for it.

Most of the times, people reported receiving a link in a WhatsApp group from random people. The invitation says that you can get internet for free without needing any access to the Internet. If you click on the link you receive, you will then be taken to a browser page. The page will detect that language in which you are communicating on the device and it will ask questions from the user. Moreover, you will also be able to see some fake reviews from people who supposedly tried the free Internet offer and it worked.

Up until now you might think it’s not such an important thing, but once you click on the link there, the app will start stealing some important data from your phone. Moreover, it will get hold of the device and it will send the same link to other people you have in your chat groups or in your contact list. It will also adapt to various languages for people who are in different countries, just to trick them to click on the link.

It is always advisable not to click on any such link that promises things that sound too good to be true, because most likely, they’re not true. They are very misleading and can trick you into letting malware and malicious apps into your phone, where they can copy data, send other messages or even buy things in your name. The best solution is to pay attention at all times!