The Consumer Electronics Show marked its 50th anniversary this year and brought joy to tech enthusiasts by presenting a lot of innovative and sometimes beyond crazy prototypes. Not all of these will actually be marketed on a large scale but some of them will.

We can only wait and see what prototypes and new pieces of kit will be made available as of this year but they sure look promising. We’ve come up with a list of the best products which were presented at CES in order for you to have a better understanding of what to expect in the near future in terms of technological advances and gadgets.

Best Laptop

Some tech specialists believe that the era of laptops is gone but this assumption is a little bit farfetched as CES presented us with a lot of interesting models coming in all shapes, sizes and for different uses. The Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe really stood out from the crowd as it is 0.5 inches in thickness, weighs as little as 2.42 pounds and has an amazing design overall.

Its body is made entirely out of aluminum and glass and has a nice touch of gray and gold details which make for a bold statement. Performance wise, it comes with a 14 inch display powered by an Intel Core i7 SoC paired with a 1TB SSD.

Best Smartphone

With a lot of interesting new release in the smartphone sector, the Asus Zenfone AR really took home the crown as it is the prototype that should make the transition from virtual to augmented reality. The device is the only one of its kind to run both Google Daydream VR as well as Tango AR.

Not only is this device actually usable but it also comes with some pretty good specs such as a great camera, an amazing screen which are all being powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor. No release date was issued for this device but we believe it will be a top competitor in its segment.

Best Drone

PowerVision is the drone manufacturer which is known to deliver some wacky designs such as an egg-shaped quadcopter. They’ve now come up with a submersible prototype which is remote-controllable. It even comes equipped with a 4K video shooter as well as a fish finder.

If you fancy exploring the depths of the sea as well as reeling in a big catch all in high-resolution video this device is entirely made for you. The whole concept might sound a little bit crazy but if it actually works it could be regarded as the best friend a fisherman can have.

Best Car

The guys from Faraday Future have been around for a couple of years and they’ve already made a statement with their Farady Future FF91 which is aiming to become a top competitor for Tesla. The FF91 is an autonomous driving vehicle which is powered by a 130kWh battery.

It can run for about 378 miles before it runs dry and can deliver amazing performance as it goes from 0 to 60 in just 2.39 seconds.  They are now taking pre-orders for this amazing vehicle and a starting deposit of $5000 is needed to get in line for a vehicle which will ship starting from 2018 with no final price tag being announced.

Best Television

No other sector has seen so many improvements in design and performance as the Smart TV one. LG is raising the standards when it comes to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology with its new Signature W OLED device.

The Smart TV is so amazing due to the fact that it is only 0.1 inches thick and has a lot of processing power which is loaded to a soundbar, connected with a single cable. It is Dolby Vision compatible and even has HDR-10 video capacity. Future buyers should expect a hefty price tag for this extraordinary device but we can vouch it will be all worth it.

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