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Although there are many applications in the Android operating system, the Google Play Store is regarded as the most important of them all. There’s a reason for that – It is the gateway to attain all the apps you’d like to have on your Android device in a safe manner.

The Google Play Store uses your Internet connection to keep its database of apps current. And, if you should notice any issues with the Google Play Store, it’s rather easy to update.

2 Methods To Get A Current Version Of Google Play Store

You have two methods in which you can update the Google Play Store. The first method is the traditional way – going to the Play Store itself and download the most current update. All you need to do is find the app within its Store and hit the Update version to attain the newest offered release.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t do this – unreliable connection or no connection to the Internet – you can take another route to get the file you need onto your Android device.

You’ll have to download its APK file and install in manually onto your device. In order to get the APK file you need, go to a reputable APK file provider. Copy the file onto the device’s local storage and hit the file to begin the installation process.

It really is that easy!