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It seems that Mojang is looking to feature its popular sandbox game on every device possible and the Nintendo Switch will be the newest one to receive attention from the popular developer. Future Nintendo Switch users will be soon able to create their very own world on the highly anticipated console.

Those who opt to purchase Majong’s hit game will be able to play both modes of the game which means that placing blocks and going on adventures will be able to build their own homes and mine for materials or even hide themselves from monsters when the night falls.

The addition of Minecraft on Nintendo Switch will mean an increase in popularity to the already highly expected launch of the device and is said to rack in both Nintendo and Mojang serious profits. Not only does the addition of the game to the Switch will bring a lot of joy to Minecraft enthusiasts but it also means that playing the hit game everywhere you want due to the Switch’s unmatched portability extremely easy.

March is proving to be a very interesting month in terms of technology and gaming devices and Nintendo will surely not disappoint when it comes to releasing their highly anticipated console. The Switch is believed to be one of the top competitors out there and Nintendo is surely putting all of their eggs in this basket as they’ve previously failed with the Wii U.

Pairing up with Nintendo, the guys from Mojang are sure to attract a lot of fans to their already immense number of players and with this move they are sure to receive more praise from critics as they’ve sold over 110 million copies across all platforms.

With the partnership of Nintendo and Mojang playing Minecraft wherever you are cannot get easier and whether one finds himself on an airplane or at home while in docked mode, players will be only limited by their own imagination by creating a world of their liking.

We are eager for Nintendo to release their Switch in March as it is expected to be a major step forward to the Japanese tech giant and their partnership with Mojang will most likely put the gaming device up high in the highly competitive market. Nintendo’s main competitors Sony and Microsoft are expected to bring something new to the table in order for them to keep up the current market.