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It seems that the development cycles for AAA games is now taking longer than before, as the developers want to make sure that they release top games without bugs and issues. At the same time, the graphics of the games are now more complex and this is another reason why the developing time has been increased on the AAA games.

Let’s not forget that most modern AAA games get developed via a brand new engine, which means that the developers have a hard time developing both the game and the new game engine at the same time. For example, the development of the Metal Gear Solid V took very long time because the developer was working on the new Fox Engine. At the same time, Breath of the Wild development took very long because Nintendo was working at a full physics engine from scratch.

However, Bethesda is using the same engine for each of its games, where only tweaks are involved. Now the question is why does it take so long for Bethesda to release “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “Fallout 5”?

According to reports, the developer is spending a lot of time on the settings of the game. The developer wants to make sure that the world it develops for a game feels “alive” in order to give the gamers an awesome experience.

In order to create a world that comes with the perception of existing independently it takes a lot of researching and thinking and Bethesda is surely one of the developer companies that knows that.

However, not all gamers understand how much work is put into a game and they tend to become impatient. Bethesda has also mentioned in the past that they prefer to release quality content and not quantity, meaning that it will not release a game sooner just because the fans want them to.

When do you think that “The Elder Scrolls 6” and “Fallout 5” will be released?